Saligia - the new innocence

by react with protest

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released November 12, 2016




react with protest

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Track Name: loud speaker
Faith & ethos are blinkers and stimulant drug for the foolish masses since time immemorial.
It’s either black or white – the simple logic of dogma. And whoever speaks loudest, is always
Track Name: la nausee
I breathe ashes and thorns. A continuing affirmation of nauseation – extending the void. The
gnosis of absurdism – leaving me uncomprehending, almost helpless, when all that is granted
is death. Where is this light that never goes out?
Track Name: ulcer
Feasting on the flesh of the weak like wolves and vultures, devouring whole generations. A
disease as old as mankind, its victims are countless. Billions of corpses give evidence of this
pestilential epidemic.
Track Name: obscuritas aeterna
The word came with darkness and chains to enslave and blind the credulous, who were
willing to abide by the book. Untouched by borne light everything remains obscure. As long
as we stay nailed to the cross, enshrined in a monument we don’t understand.
Poisoned by thy flesh and blood – there is no light in sight, no light inside.
Track Name: metropolis
This city is at my feet – all the dust, all the dirt. All the scum I despise – the all-devouring
undying moloch. Proliferating from our foul flesh. Neither fire nor plague will bring it down.
It wears an aureole of ash and dust eternally…
Track Name: the war is over
Silence slowly drips off the debris. A barren inanimateness replaces fear and despair. Void
where once were hopes and dreams. But still an end holds a chance – as destruction can be
cleansing and death is not the ultimate defeat.

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